Wheatley Park School Trip to Spain 2020

Wheatley Park had an incredible time full of laughter and adventures here with us at Spark in El Puerto de Santa María!

The Educational Goals of a School Trip

Here’s why you should make a school trip to Spain with your Spanish class

Why School Tours Abroad are More Important than Ever

School tours abroad can change a student’s life. They give insights into another culture, allow immersion in a foreign language, shake up one’s way of thinking, and potentially spark a lifelong love of travel. And right now, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union after 44 years of membership, it has never been more important for British students to experience life on the continent.

Spanish School Tours

Top Tips for Travelling Abroad

Travelling to a different country is a big deal. Here are some tips for how to make the most of it

Christopher Columbus and El Puerto

When Christopher Columbus left on his second voyage to the Americas, he left from El Puerto de Santa María. He even lived in the Castillo San Marcos in the centre of El Puerto for a while! Nowadays, this… Read More