Reasons to do a tour with Spark!

  • We plan the trip together helping you make the best tour possible and saving your time and strain. Our trip coordinator is one of the owners of the company and vert experienced = assistance with trip promotion and extra touch of “specialness”.

Spanish class

  • We have developed an innovative Spanish methodology which includes a special learner booklet to maximise student learning throughout their stay with us = real progression in Spanish.
  • At Spark we have years of experience in working with children in schools, at our summer camps and of course in our own languages academy = the security that we care about what we do and yes, we are good at it.
  • Customisation: we make a special programme for your school group catered to your needs and interests = a programme for your school’s needs.

Inspection visit

  • Health and safety are our top priority and we have detailed risk assessments available for all parts of the trip = PEACE of mind you are taking the students on a SAFE trip.
  • 24 hour support from the moment you arrive from the Spark chaperone and the Spark Director of Education.  = constant SUPPORT during school trip and in the case of any eventuality.

Spark- Building

  • We have our own residence above the Spark Spanish Academy which is audited, available in exclusivity and fully air-conditioned = School group can stay together and close to Spanish Academy.
  • A dedicated and passionate chaperone for all parts of your trip.  They’ll even stay at either the Sparkville Residence if your school chooses that option and will visit each and every family = passionate and professional educational support.

Students with host family

  • We have worked for years with our homestay families (most send their children to our bilingual school or language academies) and we guarantee that your children will be placed with welcoming families with children of approximately the  same age and gender = quality control in homestay placement.
  • Certificates and awards ceremony at the end of your stay to recognise the accomplishments of all = motivation and personalisation.
  • After you have completed your school trip we provide you with a feedback form and later a post trip report to make sure that we and you keep moving forward in together running the best language trips possible for your students = feedback that matters = supreme quality control.


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6 Reasons to do a School Tour in Spain

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