Five Reasons to Make a School Trip This Year!

What can students studying Spanish get out of a school tour to Spain? Should you as a teacher think about taking your students abroad? Here are the top five reasons why young people can benefit enormously from such an opportunity.
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Why to make a School Trip to Spain

Thinking about making an educational trip to Spain? Here’s five reasons why every​ Spanish class should give it a go at some point: Read More

Things you need to know to run a school trip abroad

School trips give students a fantastic chance to learn and become more independent. Two key points for a trip are firstly what interested parties (students, SMTs and parents) will take away from the experience and secdondly possible problems that might be encountered. Read More


School Tours Abroad in a Post-Brexit World

School tours abroad can change a student’s life. They give insights into another culture, allow immersion in a foreign language, shake up one’s way of thinking, and potentially spark a lifelong love of travel. And right now, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union after 44 years of membership, it has never been more important for British students to experience life on the continent. Read More

There are so many reasons to do a school tour in Spain and why Spark would be a good option for you. We have included 6 of those below. Please don’t hesitate to request more info below if you have any question or query.

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Tips for practising your Spanish

To have full command over Spanish, like any language, you need to be able to do four things:

  • Read it well
  • Write it well
  • Hear it well
  • Speak it well

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Handy Spanish Phrases for Tapas

Tapas are one of the most famous things about Spain and you’ll definitely want to try at least once while here on a school trip. As well as being an enjoyable social experience, it’s a great way to practise your Spanish outside of the classroom. Here are some useful phrases for a great evening out.

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El Puerto’s Neighbour

No matter how long the trip, anyone coming to Spark on a school trip simply has to visit Cádiz. This beautiful city, located just across Cádiz Bay from El Puerto, is easy to reach and impossible to forget.

There are regular ferries from El Puerto to Cádiz, and you can also go via bus or car. Both journeys offer spectacular views of the sea and the shores of the Bay, and once you’ve arrived in Cádiz itself, you’ll find more to do than can fit in a day.  Read More

School trips abroad: some tips

Taking a school trip to another country is a daunting prospect. Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of your journey.

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Information about Spark’s Home Town

When on a school languages trip to Spark, you’ll spend most of your time in the beautiful town of El Puerto de Santa Maria , or just El Puerto for short. Its name means “The Port of Saint Mary” in Spanish, and this small city is a cosy retreat away from the tourism and bustle of larger cities. Here are a few interesting facts about El Puerto.

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GCSE in context: kayaking in Spain

Sports and free time

With the updated GCSE Spanish syllabus that is starting in September 2016 for the 2018 exams, we are looking to put the content into context. Another topic in the “Free Time” activities theme includes “Sports”.

One of our most popular sports activities includes the spectacular kayaking trip to a little island in Sancti Petri! Read More

Tapas in Andalusia!

If you’re on a school trip to Spain and only in the country for a short time, you’ll want to make the most of it. One of the best cultural activities on a school trip is going out for tapas and tucking into some authentic Spanish food.

Andalusia, the region of Spain where Spark is located, has been conquered and ruled by many people over the centuries, from Romans to Moors, which has had a great influence over the cuisine. This has resulted in Andalusian food being varied and exciting, with plenty of dishes which every traveller should sample. Read More