Guildford 2023

Thank you for such a nice experience. – Sophie Jopp (student) I loved my time here and the community we created. – Grace Richardson (student) Thank you so much. – Amy McAleahv (teacher) We hope that Guildford High… Read More

Leicester Grammar 2023

Thank you for keeping us and I appreciate your hard work. – Eshay Chauhan (student) The chaperone was really good and I had so much fun. – Harriet Wood (student) Everyone was so nice. – Isabel Priestman (student)… Read More

Tytherington 2023

Very nice staff, had an excellent time. – Nathan Coombes (student) Thank you for being so kind and caring for us this holiday is the kind of pick me up I needed. – Leah Hancock (student) Thank you… Read More

Christ School 2023

They were really fun, thank you so much. – Annabelle James (student) Nice trip. – Prim Kukadia (student) I enjoyed it a lot. – Thomas Putros (student) Our guide was outstanding. Very welcoming and helpful. – Allan Lujja… Read More

Godolphin & Latymer 2023

I really enjoyed it – Safi Maclean (student) Muchas gracias para todo el ayudo durante el viaje! ¡Fue muy divertido y interesante! Los profesores y Noelia fueron muy simpáticos pero no me gustó mucho el lluevo – Daisy… Read More

Pocklington 2023

A lot of fun. Great experience and very well organised. Thank you so much for the experience. It was so much fun – Molly Bull-Diamond (student) Thank you for a great experience !! – Ruby Annetts (student) Improved… Read More

St Stephens II 2023

I enjoyed the lessons very much and the teacher was great. -Sean Conyngham (student) Visiting places was very fun as I got to learn a bit more new things. -India Legge (student) The food was very good the… Read More

St Stephens I 2023

I have learnt some more words and get more comfortable with spanish. -Maryam Faruq (student) It was good as they did it step by step. -Bella Powell (student) I really like learning spanish and loved my teacher. -Eliza… Read More

Folkestone Girls 2023

Thank you so much for everything! Everyone was soo nice and amazing. -Anita Tsvetkova (student) Spark es fantastico! Las excursiones son brillantes 😊. -Megan Elvy (student) Muchas gracias! It was the best trip ever. -Amber File (student) Just… Read More

Langley 2023

Thank you to our chaperone! She was very nice! -Abigail Kempton (student) The staff were really nice and welcoming and made the trip fun and interesting. -Oscar Holt (student) Gracias por todo Paula y Noelia, especialmente con las… Read More

Wycliffe College 2023

I really enjoyed it, the food was amazing and I have had a lovely time. Would definitely come again. -Talia OWEN (student) All the staff were lovely and very involved and welcome, helped improve your learning and appreciate… Read More

Oxford High 2023

¡Muchas gracias! -Ryan Hann (student) ¡Muchas gracias por el genial tiempo! -Abby Heathcote (student) If you have the chance pick SPARK it was such a wonderful experience. -Aliya Peer (student) The teachers and chaperons were all really nice… Read More

St Edmund’s 2023

Great trip with really friendly staff, I enjoyed all of it. -Jacen Park Thank you to all the catering staff. -Euan Howells (student) ¡Muchas gracias a todos – en especial a Noelia y a Iris para hacernos sentir… Read More

Clevedon 2023

Thank you so much for an amazing trip. – Fiona Wood (teacher ) Thank you for giving me the most amazing experience ever, you were all amazing 🙂 It was amazing seeing Spain and learning new Spanish and… Read More

Wemms 2023

Noelia was cool and fun 😊 – James S (student ) The teacher was so kind, sweet and fun. Laura helped us all and got us involved in our Spanish lessons. We had lots of fun and games… Read More

Wheatley 2023

¡Los excursiones eran muy bien! – Joe Bearchell (student ) Thank you to everyone at Sparks I loved it – Theo Magallano (student) Thank you so much for the amazing stay and great experience – Eva Thatcher (student)… Read More

Toynbee 2023

Thank you so much Spark for making an unforgettable stay – Krish Parmar (student) The cook at Spark was fantastica, her energy and enthusiasm! And our guide was brilliant! – Holly (teacher) Thank you so much for your… Read More

Wyvern St Edmunds 2023

My time here has been great and you are all excellent people thank you – Phoebe Ullyott (student ) Muy divertido – Charn (student) It was fun and I would go again – Thomas Downer (student ) We… Read More

Lancaster 2023

I enjoyed the lessons which were engaging and informative as well as the teachers who were extremely lively and fun – Zain Mohamed (student) They gave me an insight into Spanish culture. – Will Knowles (student) Spark’s guide… Read More

Wychwood 2022

Thank you for looking after us, helping improve my Spanish and learn more about Spanish food and culture – Stephanie (student ) All the students took a lot from the experience – Luis (teacher) Our chaperone was amazing… Read More

Oakfield 2022

Such a lovely place and amazing host that was always checking in on us – Amelia (teacher ) It was really fun and we all wish we could stay longer – Thea (students) Inge is always replying quickly… Read More

St Stephens 2022 (II)

Children had a fabulous time and it all ran very smoothly – Zoe (Teacher) I improved my Spanish very much and really enjoyed it – Agnes (student) Excellent trip – Michael (Teacher) We are enjoy hearing that St Stephens had… Read More

Guildford High 2022

The chefs were so accommodating for dietary requests and the accommodation was really nice – Tamsin (student) A perfect mix of culture, physical activity and life style immersion – Zoe (teacher) Had an amazing time! Everyone so welcoming… Read More

Stepney All Saints 2022

Our teacher,Inés, made the lessons educational yet fun at the same time which made me like them – Sarah (student) Inge was very helpful prior to the trip – Verena (teacher) I enjoyed my experience here at spark… Read More

St Stephens 2022 (I)

All the activities were exciting and inclusive – Caterina (student) I really enjoyed having Monica and I loved how she made the lessons – Declan (Teacher) It was very enjoyable and very interactive – Aurelia (Student) We are enjoy… Read More

Wheatley Park 2020

They were really fun 10/10 muy divertido- Aili (student) Students looked to be enjoying themselves. Even I managed to learn some Spanish – Mike (teacher) Thank you for making the trip so fantastic and we will be back… Read More

Wemms 2020

I loved it because we had trips, activities, beaches, museums, paddle tennis and castles! – Amelie (student) I enjoyed it a lot! – Delsey (student) Well run centre with very friendly, competent staff – Jeremy (teacher) We are… Read More

Channing (II)

It was extremely fun and I learned a lot about Spain in general and many cultural aspects. I also learned much Spanish – Kitty (student) The trip in general gave me a good sense of culture and helped… Read More

Channing (I)

It was absolutely amazing, I had so much fun! – Lana (student) It was very interesting and fantastic and I learned so much. Thank you for the wonderful experience! – Zoe (student) The fact that we had fun… Read More

St. Stephen´s (II)

Spark helped me improve my Spanish and I am really grateful that I went to Spain to learn Spanish – Natnael (student) I loved Spark, it´s such a welcoming place and the food was incredible – Marina (student)… Read More

St. Stephen´s (I)

It was the best trip ever! – Sophie (student) It was so much fun I didn´t want to leave – Phoebe (student) I enjoyed all the activities! – Redeat (student) We are delighted that St. Stephen´s School had… Read More

Marling 2019

The trip to the beach was the highlight of the trip and made it great! – Ben (Student) Very fun and engaging! – Jem (Student) Thank you so much! – Theo (Student) We are so pleased that Marling… Read More

John Redcoat 2019

Great residence and food! Very good facility! I wish I could come back again, and if I do, I would cherish every single moment! Alexander (Student) The experience was unique and very fun. I loved the teachers and… Read More

Tytherington 2019

It was lovely. Everyone was delightful and very welcoming – Amelie (Student) Great chaperone and amazing activities, loved the whole trip! – Megan (Student) It was a good experience and I enjoyed the lessons with the teachers as… Read More

Cheadle 2019

I felt that many classes helped with culture and language learning so I was more familiar with pronunciation and understanding Spanish. -Eva (Student) Lovely people and I loved the activities – Grace (Student) Very good I have improved… Read More

BSB 2019

Lovely friendly staff in a fantastic setting to improve Spanish! – Mr.Stewart (Teacher) The students had a great trip! Thank you! – Ms.Vallely (Teacher) Thank you so much for the wonderful trip! – Tanghe (Student) They were all… Read More

Reay Primary School 2019

Food was great and allergies/needs all catered for – Mr.Marley (Teacher) It was a fun and special way to learn Spanish – Naira (Student) It was so fun, our chaperone helped us with the pronunciation of words we… Read More

Danesfield 2019

Thank you, it has been a great trip.I have really enjoyed the activities planned for us – Ms.Smith (Teacher) Amazing, fun, new experience and really kind staff – Ambar (Student) Very good cooking and the building is very… Read More

Oakfield 2019

The trip in all was magnificent we had a terrific time. Everyone of the staff was very generous and thoughtful. I adored the beach. – Sophie (Student) The tour to the castle in Spanish was a challenge for… Read More

Taunton 2019

Tom enjoyed the Spanish trip so much, he wants to take us to see El Puerto de Santa Maria. Tom really enjoyed his trip out – his host family were lovely.  (Parent of student)) We are so pleased… Read More

Headington 2019

This is the second time that I have taken a group of Upper 4 to Spark and I can’t recommend it enough! For us being all in the same building means that students could enjoy being together and… Read More

Benenden School 2019

I really liked the idea of the competition with the orange coins! The girls were very engaged. Really nice terrace with the camping tables, the roof, fridges, the sunbeds. – Mario Baez (Teacher) The place was so cute… Read More

Sir John Colfox 2019

I really would like to come back to Spark. It was educational, fun and I made new friends. – Will Howel (Student) The teacher was so nice and I found it easy to learn new stuff! – Eva… Read More

Gosfield School 2019

It has improved my Spanish vocabulary a lot! – Lucy Bateman (Student) Thanks again for your smooth organisaton, hospitality and professionalism! We all feel really well looked after by everyone in Spark! – Eva Lopez (Teacher) We are… Read More

Wheatley School 2019

The chaperone was very enthusiastic and heplful – Daniel Ellis ( Student) The teachers were very nice! – Daisy Cairney (Student) The chaperone was very fun and encouraging – Sydney Cox (Student) Excellent assistance from chaperone.- (Teacher) The… Read More

Old Palace School 2019

The setting is well laid out and secure – Susana Pietragalla (Teacher) Thank you very much also for all your professional support and the devoted work of both Rafael, Iris and all the teachers and members of staff… Read More

Hereford Cathedral School 2019

We loved our chaperone Esther, not only was she nice but she also taught us a lot! – Theo Constance (Student) Thank you so much for everything, it was great! – Helena Turner (Student) We are so pleased… Read More

Channing School 2018: Trip Two

The residence was clean, welcoming and a lovely place to be. The food was great and I will miss everyone, I had such a fantastic time! -Grace Nash (Student) Everyone was so friendly and fun to be around… Read More

Channing School 2018: Trip One

Very fun and interactive! -Shinju (Student) I had so much fun with my friends, everything was fantastic!  -Ella (Student)    I learnt so much Spanish, ate delicious food and made memories I will never forget Isabelle- (Student)   We… Read More

St Stephen’s C of E -2018 Trip Two

The Spark Team and food was nice -Huxley (Student) I really enjoyed my time here, thank you  -Poppy (Student)    Great, the children and staff loved it! Michael- (Teacher)   We are so pleased that St Stephen’s C of… Read More

St Stephen’s C of E 2018-Trip One

I liked it, it was amazing! -Alex (Student) The meals were excellent, and the rooftop was my favourite thing  -Bethel (Student)    Very Good! -Basliel (Student)   We are so pleased that St Stephen’s C of E enjoyed themselves… Read More

Danesfield Manor-2018

Here is some feedback from Danesfield Manor School!


Here is some feedback from Oakfield school!

Oslo International-2018

Here is some feedback from Oslo International on their visit with us!

Sir John Colfox-2018

Here is some feedback from Sir John Colfox school!

Dyson Perrins School-2018

Thankyou for a lovely trip! -Rosie(student)  The best things in the programme where  the cultural activities and excursions and the wonderful Beaches -(Student) The city and area are especially suitable for a school tour. -Victoria(Student) We are so… Read More

Tudor Hall-2018

Here are some comments by Tudor Hall about their stay with us!

Emanuel School-2018

Click here to read some feedback from Emanuel school on their trip to Spain!

King´s High School-2018

King´s High gave us some feedback on their trip. Click here to read more!

Taunton School-2018

Here is some feedback from Taunton School!

Tytherington Scool-2018

Here is some feedback from Tytherington on their trip to Spain!

Wheatley Park-2018

The trip was amazing and all the staff were really lovely. I m going to miss this all very much. – Joanne (student) I really enjoyed the trip and the staff at Spark are very nice, funny and helpful…. Read More

Highbury Grove- 2018

The pre-trip organisation was really helpful and organised. Students enjoyed the trips to the cities, especially the camara obscura and the beach in Cadiz. They also got a lot from the classes. –  Lara (Teacher) The classes were… Read More

Gosfield -2018

I thought the process of the learning was very good. –  Freddie (Student) The cultural activities where very nice and the Spanish classes made you think and want to work hard. – Esther (Student) The cultural Activities and… Read More

Channing 4- 2017

I loved the residence, it´s so fun, cosy and pretty. It´s so lovely and everyone is welcoming and caring. I had the best time with all my friends and the activities were so fun. –  Alice (Student) We… Read More

Channing 3 – 2017

We did great activities and had an amazing chaperone! – Sienna (Student) I really loved the experience! – Aliya (Student) I learnt so much about the culture and it was very fun. -Maria (Student) Channing Group 3 Feedback:  … Read More

Channing 2 – 2017

Well organised and thank you very much for an enjoyable experience. The students and teachers had a wonderful time. – Natasha (Teacher) The Spark residence was clean, pretty, lovely. Delicious food and a lot of options. -Edie  (Student)… Read More

Normanhurst & Braeside 2017

The classes were great and the teachers were very friendly. I learnt a lot! – Beth (Student) We had a fabulous trip, very enjoyable. I would recommend the experience to other schools! -Maria (Teacher) The teachers did a great… Read More

St Stephen’s CE Primary 2017

The activities were interesting and fun! All the staff were kind, caring and joyful. – Tryplend (Student) I loved the experience! –Arlo  (Student) I would recommend Spark to all the schools in the world! -Saeve (Student) We are… Read More

Channing School 17

I loved the experience I learnt a lot and had lots of fun! – Frankie (Student) I loved everything about Spark! I’ve learnt so much! Our teacher was awesome and made learning really fun! – Imogen (Student) Spark had great… Read More

BSB 2017

I had a very good trip, i would recommend to everyone! – Aisling  (Student) I appreciated all the support and kindness from all the staff, I really enjoyed coming –Andrea  (Student) We are so pleased that BSB enjoyed themselves at… Read More

Ewell Castle 2017

Best time of my life so far! – Adheesha (Student) Enjoyable throughout and no one was left out, recommend! – Oscar  (Student)   We are so pleased that Ewell Castle School enjoyed themselves at Spark. Want to read more school… Read More

Cheadle Hulme 2017

Very interesting and informative on Spanish language and culture… Went above and beyond to help us. – Charlotte Whatson (Teacher)   Extremely well planned, wonderfully helpful and very good opportunities. So much fun! Thank you Spark Spanish! – Grace … Read More

Norwich Year 8 17

“Pupils had a lovely lovely time and enjoyed being in spark. Mario was excellent and they all enjoyed talking to him. The activities were fantastic.” – Nicola Robinson (Trip Organizer) “Really fun, learned a lot about culture…Spark was… Read More

Conisborough 17

The Day trips helped my Spanish improve in the real world. It was super fun. Would love to do it again – Elizabeth (Student) The staff were very Helpful and i learned more phrases easily. –Harini  (Student) We are… Read More

Danesfield 2017

¨I really enjoyed the lessons they were very educational and I really enjoyed the activities especially Gibraltar. I had the best time!¨ – Ruby (student) ¨Very interesting and fun activities for the children to enjoy and learn, excellent… Read More

Oakfield 2017

¨Jose was amazing, I can´t explain how good he is at what he does ¨ – Archie (student) ¨All places were awesome. All children were really interested in all the activities Spark is an excellent place to stay… Read More

Emanuel School 2017

Emanuel´s school trip to Spark while taking in the Andalucian culture and staying with host families!

Headington School 2017

Headington School review of their school trip to the south of Spain learning Spanish.

Norwich 2017

“Jose es profesor muy bueno y divertido y aprendemos mucho ” -Dora (student) ¨Las clases fue muy divertido y aprendí mucho sobre gramática y la cultura de España. It was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone… Read More

Gosfield School Tour to Spain

Gosfield School 2017

Gosfield enjoyed a trip to Spark while taking in the Andalucian culture with host families!

School Reviews


In this pdf you can see a collection of School Group Testimonials we in Spark have received from visiting schools. We hope you enjoy.  

Sherfield School Trip to Spain

Sherfield School 16

Sherfield School review of their school trip to the south of Spain learning Spanish.

Bassingborn School Trip Reviews

Bassingbourn Village College 2016

Bassingbourn Village College reviews of their October 2016 school trip to Spain with Residential Stay.

Highcrest Academy school trip to Spain

Highcrest Academy 2016

“It has been great especially the food. I ve learnt so much more spanish than I would at school. Thanks for putting up with us . Gracias xxxxxxxx” – Tracey, Student at Highcrest “La atención ha sido excelente. Se… Read More

BSB School Tour to Spain

BSB 2016

“I appreciated all the support and kindness from all the staff, I really enjoyed coming” – Andrea at BSB “Nico (the chaperone) made the trip very fun and enjoyable!” – Chloe-Marie at BSB “I had a great time at Spark and would… Read More

Sherrardswood 2016

Spark and Voyager Travel were delighted to have Sherradswood with us in Spain on a school tour. “A huge thank you for providing such a well run and professional trip.” – Lorna McPherson, Teacher.  “Mario was amazing and funny…. Read More

Handcross Park 2016

“I really enjoyed the trip in general and would reccommend it because not only the learning but the experience was amazing.” – Annalise at Handcross Park “The trip was amazing, our activities were awesome and I would definitely come back… Read More

Headington School: Diana Bonifaci

Recommendation for Spark Spanish School Tours in Spain from two head of foreign languages in headington school.

Mair Forde

King’s High Warwick have done a family stay school tour with Spark in 2015 and 2013. “Having taken several school groups to El Puerto de Santa María to take part in homestays organised by Spark, I can recommend this language… Read More

Helen Chalmers

Danesfield Manor have done a primary school tour with Spark in 2016 and 2015. “Our (primary) school trip to Spain with Year 6 was perfect from start to finish. The staff at Spark cannot be faulted for their friendliness, enthusiasm and… Read More

Danesfield Manor 2016

“Mario was really helpful because he spoke in Spanish, meaning we had to too. I think my Spanish has improved.” – Student at Danesfield “Dear Gema, Thank you for teaching us Spanish. It has been so fun and… Read More

Emanuel School 2016

“My favourite part of the trip was the castle. I found the history and legends really interesting. I would recommend this trip to friends because it helped me improve my Spanish and knowledge on the country.” – Student at… Read More

Tudor Hall 2016

“Well organised, friendly families, fun and inspirational teachers, well balanced programme. Very professional set up, students did so much over the five days. Excellent teachers and managers.” – Holly Thomas 15  – Head of MFL Tudor Hall “I would… Read More

Headington School 2016

“The Spark experience was superior to all my previous French and Spanish language school trips with KS3/4 students – much more personal and attentive.” – Louisa Orr – Spanish Teacher at Headington School “Excellent communication in the run up to the… Read More

Norwich School 2016

“We loved it, the students loved it, thank you so much!! Inge made organising it all so easy and stress-free, Mario won the kids’ hearts, the activities and classes were great, and well organised, and the flamenco performance… Read More

Arthur Terry School 2016

“Thank you to Inge, Mario, Jose and Iris for their attention and hospitality. We had a great stay and will be returning.” – Joanna King – Spanish Teacher at Arthur Terry “Excursions were the best part of the trip –… Read More

Danesfield Manor 2015

“This was our first venture to Spain with Year 6 and the trip was perfect from start to finish. The staff at Spark cannot be faulted for their friendliness, enthusiasm and dedication to giving the pupils a wonderful… Read More

Tudor Hall 2015

“Very professional set up, students did so much over the five days. Excellent teachers and managers.” – H. Thomas – Head of Modern Foreign Languages “Thanks Spark for a wonderful trip. I have learned loads and everyone was so… Read More

King’s High 2015

“Having taken several school groups to El Puerto de Santa María to take part in homestays organised by Spark, I can recommend this language school wholeheartedly. Not only are the lessons tailored to meet our exact needs and… Read More

Headington 2015

“Wonderful location, nice food, very pleasant weather, great organization“ – D. Bonifaci – Headington School Spanish teacher “It was all amazing. I loved just going out and learning the history of all the castles etc. I learned a lot of new… Read More

Merchiston School 2015

“Spark went over and above with regards to the organisation and delivery of trips / events etc. We were extremely well looked after at all times + host families were also excellent. Fantastic week – it’s been absolutely… Read More

Tudor Hall 2014

“(The host families) Very friendly. They went out of their way to make the students feel welcome. The host families children took the girls out too! (Improvement of Spanish) The students are much more confident. Teachers excellent –… Read More

Wymondham High School 2014

“Maria was lovely and really helped us to understand not only the culture, but the language too. I had such a brilliant few days with Spark – sightseeing and improving my Spanish so thank you very much for… Read More

Harpeth Hall - School Tour to Spain

Harpeth Hall – USA

We were delighted to have Harpeth Hall girls with us at Spark. Here is some of the things they said about their trip. “My time here in Spain has been amazing! I am so thankful for the opportunities… Read More

King’s High School 2013

“Our favourite thing is definitely the host family. They have been so kind and caring and we feel like we have really become one of the family. María, who is our age is easily one of our best… Read More

Clear Lake School – USA

“I really enjoyed everything about my experience here at Spark. It was a really nice way to be immersed into the culture and practice Spanish! I really thank Nico, Cecilia and Inge for all their help and patients… Read More

Prairie School – USA

We were delighted to have the Prairie School from Wisconsin with us on a school trip to Spain. Here is some of the feedback from their trip. “I love my Spanish family, they couldn’t have been better.” –… Read More

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