Bassingbourn Village College 2016

We were delighted to have Violeta Rios and her school with us in Spark. Here are some things they had to say about their trip.

“Everyone was so lovely and friendly, it was such a nice stay in such a beautiful area. Thank you so much for everything – honestly one of the best school trips I ve been on. Learnt so much and had a lot of fun – especial thanks to Mario for being such a good guide (despite looking bored de vez en cuando sin embargo when I asked he said his job was never boring) ?? but also to everyone who works at spark for making it so organised and friendly. Lovely accommodation, especially loved the roof, kitchen and relative freedom we were given. Muchas muchas gracias x” – Phoebe (Student)

“Muchas gracias por todo el viaje y la organización. Ha sido una experiencia muy buena tanto para los estudiantes como para los profesores. Muchas gracias.” and “Spark is a brilliant residence for the students and teachers. The layout is very good and we were all feeling like if Spark was our home for those days. Very cosy and clean. Organisation and planned activities taken there were excellent. Staff very friendly and supportive.”– Violeta Rios (Group Trip Organizer)

“¡Muchas gracias por todos que ayudan par nos ! Fue una increíble semana y aprendé mucho.” – Eden (Student)

“Had an amazing time. Would love to come back.” – Lydia

“Thanks to Poppy and Mario for there amazing help with us! they kept their patience and we are all really grateful!!” – Lydia (Student)

Bassingbourn Spanish School Trip

Castillo de San Marcos Puerto

We are so pleased they enjoyed themselves at Spark. Want to read more school trip reviews?

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