About us!

Spanish School Tours is school group tour section of SparkSpanish. At Spark we know that everyone has it in them to learn a language.  We also know that language learning must be rewarding and enjoyable.  At Spark we see our role as not only educating in Spanish but playing our small part in bettering each child we come into contact with.  We strive to do our very best in everything we do and to do our utmost to live up to our promises of making a difference to those schools who entrust us with running their school trips.

What makes a Spark school tour special?

We have a passion for what we do and we believe in a personalized approach to make a difference to learning, but most importantly to make each group’s overall experience with us the best possible. We strive to create a friendly environment with a dedicated, professional and talented team who are always at each school’s disposal for educational, personal and cultural needs. We highly value feedback and opinions in order to adapt, add to and improve our services to ensure you have the perfect balance of language learning, cultural exposure and social interaction.

To learn more about specific aspects of Spark, please see the following pages.

Spark team
Spark has a very dedicated team,  all of our teachers are fully qualified in teaching Spanish (or English) and all have experience teaching as a foreign language.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a fantastic city to learn more about the Andalusian culture and is close by many beautifull cities.

Our Mission: Vision and Values
Spark has its own mission in education and business and tries to accomplish this with their vision and values. 

Reasons to do a tour with us!
Read about important point that make Spark Spanish special and interesting for your School Group!
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