Our Mission: Vision and Values

Spark’s Mission

CertificatesAt Spark we know that every student has it in them to learn a new language.  We also know that language learning must be rewarding and enjoyable. At Spark we see our role as not only providing Spanish tours but also playing our small part in bettering each person we come into contact with.  We strive to do our very best in everything we do and to do our utmost to live up to our promises of making a difference to those who entrust us with their school groups.


Vision and Values

First and foremost we are proud to spread the Spark message to as many people as possible as we know we produce a high quality service and recognize that it is a necessity that as many people as possible know about our programmes.  We are communication and marketing orientated; doing whatever we can to maximize the number of interested parties we have in our services.  We embrace the modern world we live in and do our utmost to use technology to get our message out in a financial and time efficient way.

Staff-group2015We strive to sell our sevices via giving our school groups solutions with a personal touch.  We recognize that each school has a unique “buyer’s journey” and see our role as guiding them and giving them the most rewarding buyer’s experience possible. Our team of managers, administrators and teachers embraces a sales’ orientated culture, realizing every extra effort or personal detail makes a difference.  We are also a goal orientated company, openly accepting that without setting ourselves challenging sales targets, we will never succeed in a competitive industry.  We understand the clear link between student numbers and progress, be that of the company or ourselves.

Being a sales’ orientated company doesn’t for one moment mean we neglect quality, but rather the contrary, as we know the success we have, and more importantly the success we will achieve, is firmly built on a foundation of quality.   We sell our services in an honest and realistic way and we recognize we have an obligation to deliver the very same product we sell.  At Spark our foremost responsibility is to our school groups or an organization sending us students, and we truly care about our customer experience.  We understand that without sales we can’t run a quality programme and that likewise without delivering a high standard of service and customer satisfaction, we will never hit our future sales’ targets.

To achieve all this we ask a lot of our ourselves but we strive to give a lot back as we know in a people industry, we – the staff – are our own key investors and without our extra own personal efforts, Spark will not be the company, or us the people, we know we together can be.  We all firmly believe in operating an open door policy and each of us knows our contributions and opinions can make a difference.  We strive to maintain a meritocracy and will, within the limits of the industry and economic situation, reward those of us who go beyond their set role in making us a sales, customer and quality orientated organization.  Most of all we embrace professional and personal development in all its forms, recognizing to be great educators we must first and foremost be great learners.

Tour El PuertoWe recognize that Spark has a responsibility to run a financially sound business but we also know this is possible to do in way that betters our own lives and those around us.  For this reason future decisions will be based not solely on opportunity and profit but also upon our own personal needs, as we have no doubt that the success of this project will succeed or fail with our own energy and therefore the same promises we make to our students, must also be made to ourselves.

Each one of us is unique and special and together if we synergize our minds, hearts and energies, we believe not only will we run an honorable, quality orientated and productive business, we will also run a community.  This community called Spark has the possibility to form a special part in our own lives and futures and to alter in a positive way the lives of those we educate.

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