Stamford 2023

 The activities we did were fun and interesting, I liked seeing the plazas and cathedrals. We had a very good tour guide Pedro and I really enjoyed everything about the trip

– Darcey .(student)

I think Pedro did an amazing job looking after us throughout the whole time we were at Sparks and I also think Laura did a great job teaching me and my group

– Lila (student)

 Gracias por mi estadía, la disfruté y espero que tengas un maravilloso resto del año.

– Elizabeth (estudiante)

The classes were very interactive, Laura was great. The sparks building was very well thought out, I love the wall murals it made the place feel like home, it was very decorated (a good thing ). Pedro was brilliant he was so friendly from the moment we left for the bus great tour. He always made us laugh 😀

– Maddie (student)

Pedro fue espectacular una ayuda tremenda, un gran guía, mucha paciencia y buenísimo con los niños. Además iris fue espectacular de gran ayuda y gran servicio con su equipo.

-Federico Voltan (teacher)

Pedro has been amazing with the children and super helpful. Iris has been lovely too, she is great

– Veronica Guzmán. (Teacher)

We hope that Stamford High enjoyed themselves here at Spark!

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