Wheatley Park 2020

They were really fun 10/10 muy divertido- Aili (student) Students looked to be enjoying themselves. Even I managed to learn some Spanish – Mike (teacher) Thank you for making the trip so fantastic and we will be back… Read More

Wemms 2020

I loved it because we had trips, activities, beaches, museums, paddle tennis and castles! – Amelie (student) I enjoyed it a lot! – Delsey (student) Well run centre with very friendly, competent staff – Jeremy (teacher) We are… Read More

Channing (II)

It was extremely fun and I learned a lot about Spain in general and many cultural aspects. I also learned much Spanish – Kitty (student) The trip in general gave me a good sense of culture and helped… Read More

Channing (I)

It was absolutely amazing, I had so much fun! – Lana (student) It was very interesting and fantastic and I learned so much. Thank you for the wonderful experience! – Zoe (student) The fact that we had fun… Read More

St. Stephen´s (II)

Spark helped me improve my Spanish and I am really grateful that I went to Spain to learn Spanish – Natnael (student) I loved Spark, it´s such a welcoming place and the food was incredible – Marina (student)… Read More

St. Stephen´s (I)

It was the best trip ever! – Sophie (student) It was so much fun I didn´t want to leave – Phoebe (student) I enjoyed all the activities! – Redeat (student) We are delighted that St. Stephen´s School had… Read More

Marling 2019

The trip to the beach was the highlight of the trip and made it great! – Ben (Student) Very fun and engaging! – Jem (Student) Thank you so much! – Theo (Student) We are so pleased that Marling… Read More

John Redcoat 2019

Great residence and food! Very good facility! I wish I could come back again, and if I do, I would cherish every single moment! Alexander (Student) The experience was unique and very fun. I loved the teachers and… Read More

Tytherington 2019

It was lovely. Everyone was delightful and very welcoming – Amelie (Student) Great chaperone and amazing activities, loved the whole trip! – Megan (Student) It was a good experience and I enjoyed the lessons with the teachers as… Read More

Cheadle 2019

I felt that many classes helped with culture and language learning so I was more familiar with pronunciation and understanding Spanish. -Eva (Student) Lovely people and I loved the activities – Grace (Student) Very good I have improved… Read More

Reay Primary School 2019

Food was great and allergies/needs all catered for – Mr.Marley (Teacher) It was a fun and special way to learn Spanish – Naira (Student) It was so fun, our chaperone helped us with the pronunciation of words we… Read More

Danesfield 2019

Thank you, it has been a great trip.I have really enjoyed the activities planned for us – Ms.Smith (Teacher) Amazing, fun, new experience and really kind staff – Ambar (Student) Very good cooking and the building is very… Read More