Marling 2019

The trip to the beach was the highlight of the trip and made it great! – Ben (Student) Very fun and engaging! – Jem (Student) Thank you so much! – Theo (Student) We are so pleased that Marling… Read More

John Redcoat 2019

Great residence and food! Very good facility! I wish I could come back again, and if I do, I would cherish every single moment! Alexander (Student) The experience was unique and very fun. I loved the teachers and… Read More

Tytherington 2019

It was lovely. Everyone was delightful and very welcoming – Amelie (Student) Great chaperone and amazing activities, loved the whole trip! – Megan (Student) It was a good experience and I enjoyed the lessons with the teachers as… Read More

Cheadle 2019

I felt that many classes helped with culture and language learning so I was more familiar with pronunciation and understanding Spanish. -Eva (Student) Lovely people and I loved the activities – Grace (Student) Very good I have improved… Read More

Reay Primary School 2019

Food was great and allergies/needs all catered for – Mr.Marley (Teacher) It was a fun and special way to learn Spanish – Naira (Student) It was so fun, our chaperone helped us with the pronunciation of words we… Read More

Danesfield 2019

Thank you, it has been a great trip.I have really enjoyed the activities planned for us – Ms.Smith (Teacher) Amazing, fun, new experience and really kind staff – Ambar (Student) Very good cooking and the building is very… Read More

Oakfield 2019

The trip in all was magnificent we had a terrific time. Everyone of the staff was very generous and thoughtful. I adored the beach. – Sophie (Student) The tour to the castle in Spanish was a challenge for… Read More

Headington 2019

This is the second time that I have taken a group of Upper 4 to Spark and I can’t recommend it enough! For us being all in the same building means that students could enjoy being together and… Read More

Benenden School 2019

I really liked the idea of the competition with the orange coins! The girls were very engaged. Really nice terrace with the camping tables, the roof, fridges, the sunbeds. – Mario Baez (Teacher) The place was so cute… Read More

Sir John Colfox 2019

I really would like to come back to Spark. It was educational, fun and I made new friends. – Will Howel (Student) The teacher was so nice and I found it easy to learn new stuff! – Eva… Read More

Wheatley School 2019

The chaperone was very enthusiastic and heplful – Daniel Ellis ( Student) The teachers were very nice! – Daisy Cairney (Student) The chaperone was very fun and encouraging – Sydney Cox (Student) Excellent assistance from chaperone.- (Teacher) The… Read More

Old Palace School 2019

The setting is well laid out and secure – Susana Pietragalla (Teacher) Thank you very much also for all your professional support and the devoted work of both Rafael, Iris and all the teachers and members of staff… Read More