Risk assessment

At Spark health and safety are our top priority and we are experienced in providing detailed risk assessment for all parts of the trip. Our homestay families have been vetted and residence is fully audited for group travel and each accompanying activity, from kayaking to cooking class, can be provided with the needed documentation to ensure safe organization.

Our school trip adviser, Inge, is there to assist you on every level of preparation for the organization of your Spanish school tour and will provide full risk assessment documentation for any part of your trip, be that for internal use or for presenting the tour to parents or governors.   Below you can see some examples of general risk assessment that we have at Spark but, as said, each specific activity that requires it has its own accompanying risk assessment control. These documents form not just a legal requirement for us but much more importantly provide the correct mindset for our staff to be focused as priority number 1 on the safety of the students. One of our most complimented feedback from schools is the efficiency and professionalism in which we deal with legal documentation.

“I was very impressed with the risk assessment provided.” – Sara Williams-Ryan  (Emanuel School)

“The pre trip organisation was so helpful, Inge was brilliant.” – Clare Gillham (Norwich School)

Spark’s risk assessments for various parts of a school trip. Use these to put together your own risk assessment.


We currently have the following detailed risk assessments available – note not all parts in the excursion descriptors might be applicable to your tour.

ACCOMMODATION AUDITS: All Spark accommodation is full audited.

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