King’s Macclesfield School 2023

 I had a great time, thank you!

– Annabelle Jordan (student)

Gracias y thank you everyone

– Caolan Coulthurst (student)

Me enchanta mucho la clase. Thank you so much for everything, I have had the best time and loads of fun. I really enjoyed it and I don t want to leave, mucho gracias xxxx

– Hannah Ross (student)

Noelia era un ICONO y era genial hablar con ella. The staff were all so lovely and I don t want to leave. La gente era emblemática y amable y me encantaban. En realidad os quiero a todos sois tan amables y no quiero irme a casa

-Harry Sasse (student)

Thank you so much, the food was so nice and staff all so lovely <33

– Luka Parker (student)

Extremely fun would go again if the opportunity presented itself. Amazing time overall

– Salvador Newman (student)

I loved the food massive compliments to the chef. Especially the lasagna!

– Francesca Moss-Seymour (student)

7. La azotea es muy excellent

-Elissa Patterson (student)

We hope that King’s School enjoyed themselves here at Spark!

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