Pocklington 2023

A lot of fun. Great experience and very well organised. Thank you so much for the experience. It was so much fun

– Molly Bull-Diamond (student)

Thank you for a great experience !!

– Ruby Annetts (student)

Improved my confidence in speaking and still had a fun time. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time

– Jake Wright (student)

Thanks, wont forget it!

– Oscar Cowling (student)

Very good loved the experience

– Issabell Yu (student)

Great food

– Ben Wilcock (student)

The staff are so lovely and encouraged me to speak Spanish, I loved the time that we got to be on our own and explore independently and try Spanish independently

– Molly Stones (student)

 I really enjoyed my stay, I enjoyed the activities and tours. I had a amazing time and learned a lot, muchas gracias

– Emily O Gram (student)

Thank you very much to all of the Spark team.We have loved every aspect of our trip to El Puerto.Our pupils have grown in confidence with their spoken Spanish and the efforts made by everyone at Spark to immerse them in the target language is much appreciated. We have gad a fantastic time. Hasta la proxima!

– Rachel Stanley (teacher)

We hope that Pocklington enjoyed themselves here at Spark!

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