Dane Court 2023

Love you lots pedro and all the gang

– Jack (student)

I had the best time and will miss it lots.

– Sia (student)

  love you pedro, had the best time going to miss it loads! – Eloise (estudiante)

I had a great time thank you so much, era muy divertido
and im sad to be going home

– Thomas (student)

i had such a good time and made loads of nice memories

– Ivy (student)

 Thankyou very much pedro, you are a green flag even though you had a beiber haircut at 15

– Anais (student)

I had a brilliant stay and would absolutely love to come again!

– Mr Read (teacher)

We felt really welcomed and at ease; staff built a great rapport with the students and they had an amazing time. Dinners were really generous and the drinks too. Thank you so much for your hard work and a great stay!

– Camilla Howard Lubendo (Teacher)

We hope that Dane Court enjoyed themselves here at Spark!

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