Oakfield 2019

The trip in all was magnificent we had a terrific time. Everyone of the staff was very generous and thoughtful. I adored the beach. – Sophie (Student)

The tour to the castle in Spanish was a challenge for the kids but the guide did really well. Children got the information easily. – Ms.Diaz (Teacher)

The building is very bright which is good and the meals are delicious – Neslihan( Student)

It was a wonderful trip and I want to come back next year! – Ms.Nugent (Teacher)

The class was fun and enjoyable- Abby (Student)

It was fun I liked the activities and I would definitely come back – Luke (Student)

I had so much fun it was one of my favourite trips- Amelia (Student)

The meals were nice so was the building and the residence was fabulous – Nia (Student)

We are so pleased that Oakfield Schoolenjoyed themselves at Spark! Want to read more school trip reviews?

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