Prairie School – USA

We were delighted to have the Prairie School from Wisconsin with us on a school trip to Spain.

Here is some of the feedback from their trip.

“I love my Spanish family, they couldn’t have been better.” – Ami (Student)


“5 reasons why the trip was great: 1. my Spanish got better, 2. i experienced Spanish family life, 3. i learned Spanish customs, 4. i made a long term friend, 5. It was just allround awesome.” – Abby (Student)


“I met such awesome people and was thrown into a completely different culture. I gained such respect for difference and opened my eyes to new things. I learned we all have quirks and i improved my Spanish. What a way to do it!” – Tanner (student)


“I loved my family as they really made for feel at home and i immediately felt part of their family.” – Hannah (Student).


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