Folkestone Girls 2023

Thank you so much for everything! Everyone was soo nice and amazing.

-Anita Tsvetkova (student)

Spark es fantastico! Las excursiones son brillantes 😊.

-Megan Elvy (student)

Muchas gracias! It was the best trip ever.

-Amber File (student)

Just thank you so much for everything. My allergies, the activities, the city, the stay, the food just everything was absolutely amazing muchas gracias. Especially thank you to Noelia for an amazing time.

-Chloe Phillpott (student)

Lovely accommodation, friendly, helpful and WONDERFUL staff. Thank you so much for making this visit an amazing experience.

-Françoise Motley (teacher)

Such lovely staff, they were all so helpful and friendly and really made the experience excellent for us. They made the students and staff feel comfortable and welcome.

-Alice Sanders (teacher)

We really had an amazing stay, the best school trip I’ve ever been on. I definitely want to come back next year and I think the centre itself and how wonderful Noelia was really made it so special. Thank you so much.

-Kim West(teacher)

Thank you so much to everyone. This is one of the best school trips I’ve been on and that’s because everyone was so helpful and welcoming and they seemed so happy to be there. Thank you so much.

-Kirsten Kleinschmidt (teacher)

We hope that Folkestone Girls enjoyed themselves here at Spark!

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