Why Teachers Should Go on a School Tour to Spain

Top five benefits for a teacher in doing a school tour

Why Students Should Go on a School Tour to Spain

Top five reasons students should go on a school tour

My Expolingua Experience 2017

If you had been at the international languages convention Expolingua Berlin this year, you would have seen a repeated image on the walls and on the programmes: human lips painted in the bright colours of international flags.

The Educational Goals of a School Trip

Here’s why you should make a school trip to Spain with your Spanish class

Why School Tours Abroad are More Important than Ever

School tours abroad can change a student’s life. They give insights into another culture, allow immersion in a foreign language, shake up one’s way of thinking, and potentially spark a lifelong love of travel. And right now, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union after 44 years of membership, it has never been more important for British students to experience life on the continent.

School Tours in Spain

6 Reasons to do a school tour at Spark

6 Reasons why doing a school tour in Spain with Spark Spanish would be a great option for your school.

Cadiz, the City next door

Spark is fairly close to many amazing cities, such as Cadiz. Here are some of the city’s highlights.

Spanish School Tours

Top Tips for Travelling Abroad

Travelling to a different country is a big deal. Here are some tips for how to make the most of it

School Tours in Spain

2015/16 school trips: stats, photos + quotes

Academic year 2015/16 was a great one for us here at Spark Spanish. We had so many fantastic schools who entrusted the organization of their school trips to Spain to us and we have loved every minute of it. Here are some… Read More