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School trips abroad: some tips

Taking a school trip to another country is a daunting prospect. Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of your journey.

Take extra money

Better to have a bit too much money than not enough, as you never know when you might need to pay more than expected for food or transport. You might even just see something you’d love to buy which you can’t get back at home. So make sure you and your students have enough money to support yourselves, with plenty to spare.

Check the weather before you leave 

It’s an obvious thing to say, but you need to be well prepared when travelling, and it’s frustrating to arrive in the sweltering heat with a bag full of winter clothes — or vice versa. So remember to check the weather of your destination before you leave.

Keep your eyes wide open

Don’t just be aware of where your passport is and stuff like that; make an effort to notice everything around you as you travel. Pay attention to the little details that make a foreign country so enchanting. Lizards darting across the pavement into the bushes. The words on a book spine going from bottom to top. The shape of pavement beneath your feet. Savour the details everywhere you go.


Work out what you want to do most of all, what you’d be most disappointed to miss. Then make sure you do that as soon as possible. ¬†However, also remember to…

Take it as it comes

Expect your plans to change. An unexpected opportunity might suddenly present itself to you, and you don’t want to miss that because you’re sticking to a plan you made weeks ago. If you see the chance to try something new that hadn’t occurred to you, go for it!

Throw yourself into it!

Make sure you get enough sleep to enjoy yourselves, but don’t spend too much time taking it easy. You’re in another country, you’ve paid to be here and you’ll be home soon. Make the most of your time abroad! Seize every day with passion and enthusiasm, and experience everything you can! You can spend a few days resting when you get home — time abroad is best spent living life to the maximum.

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