If you had been at the international languages conventionĀ Expolingua Berlin this year, you would have seen a repeated image on the walls and on the programmes: human lips painted in the bright colours of international flags. Read More

Learning Spanish in a post-Brexit Britain

The British Council recently released a report, entitled “Languages of the Future”, about the foreign languages that will be most important for the United Kingdom in the years following Brexit. These languages were chosen “based on economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational factors”, and the first language on the list was Spanish, in front of other European languages such as French and German, and Asian languages such as Mandarin and Arabic. Read More


School Tours Abroad in a Post-Brexit World

School tours abroad can change a student’s life. They give insights into another culture, allow immersion in a foreign language, shake up one’s way of thinking, and potentially spark a lifelong love of travel. And right now, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union after 44 years of membership, it has never been more important for British students to experience life on the continent. Read More