Spanish in the Summer: Part 3

Keep your Spanish going over the summer!

This summer, don’t leave Spanish behind in the classroom. If you’re interested in improving, there are plenty of ways you can keep enriching your understanding of the language during the holidays, without it feeling too much like schoolwork. 


Another key part of being fluent in Spanish is writing it well, whether for filling in forms, keeping in touch with Spanish friends, or even writing longer pieces for work. Writing is almost as easy to practise as reading — here are some things you can do over the summer to exercise your written Spanish.

Conjugation stations!

This only takes five minutes. Write a verb at the top of the page — a simple one like ver or hablar — and then see how many tenses you can conjugate it in without looking anything up. Present is easy, but can you do preterite, perfect, or pluperfect? What about any of the subjunctives? Write down as many as you can, then check a verb book to see how many you got right.

Letters and emails

Do you have any friends in Spanish speaking countries? If not, how about looking for one? There are many pen friend websites where you can connect with people of your own age, anywhere in the world. If you make friends in other countries and regularly write to them in Spanish, you’ll pick up no end of idiomatic expressions and real Spanish, as used by real people.

Free writing

Finally, you can always try picking up a piece of paper and simply writing as much as you can upon a random subject. What is your earliest memory? Your dream holiday? Your plans for the future? Try describing your house, listing the most important events in your life or explaining your views on Brexit — all in Spanish!

Join us next Friday for the next part of our Spanish in Summer series!


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