Spanish in the Summer: Part 1

Keep your Spanish going over the summer!

This summer, don’t leave Spanish behind in the classroom. If you’re interested in improving, there are plenty of ways you can keep enriching your understanding of the language during the holidays, without it feeling too much like schoolwork. 


In order to master Spanish, you need to be able to read it as easily as reading English. Luckily this is by far the easiest to practise, as there are countless resources available to an English speaker. Here are different ways you can improve your ability to read Spanish this summer.


Do you like reading poems? If so, how about trying some in Spanish? Famous Spanish poets include Lope de Vega, Antonio Machado, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Jorge Luis Borges, but there are hundreds, both classic and modern, whose works are available online.

Online Articles

What sort of websites do you spend most of your time on? How about browsing the internet for the Spanish versions of your favourite websites — or even looking for entirely new websites on topics that you love? Celebrity gossip, current affairs, entertainment — you can read about it in any language you like!

Newspapers and Magazines

Finally, if you want to commit to something a little longer, why not buy an issue of a Spanish magazine or newspaper? Reading about the world from a Spanish view will give you a wider understanding of global affairs. This is particularly useful if you’re considering using Spanish for work in future, as you’ll pick up a lot of business-related vocabulary.

Join us next Friday for the next part of our Spanish in Summer series!

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