Growing with language School trip to Spain 2022

School Trip to Spain: Cadiz, Jerez and El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Growing with Language – March 2022 

We were very happy to have a group of Irish schools joining us from Growing with Language here at Spark in El Puerto de Santa María. We loved meeting everyone and making it a memorable experience! The group stayed with one of our host families, took part in our Spanish classes, and learned about the Spanish culture through the many cultural activities that the Spark team had organized. 

Their Spark adventure started with a visit to Castillo San Marcos. There they got a tour of the castle and saw the beautiful view at the top. In their free time, they went to the beach and played tennis. 

The next week started with a walk through El Puerto de Santa Maria and that ended at the beach to go kayaking. The next day they went to Jerez to see the beautiful Cathedral. 

The group also had plenty of time to enjoy a signature Spanish dish – paella.

After this fun and adventurous, month Spark showed them a slide show of all the places they went to and the things they did. All the students of Growing with Language also received a Spanish certificate.

To say the least, we had an amazing time with Growing with Language and we hope that all the students and teachers made some incredible memories that they get to take back home with them.

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