Why Teachers Should Go on a School Tour to Spain

Five More Reasons to Make a School Trip This Year!

Last week we ran a post about what students can get out of a school tour to Spain. This week we’ll look at you, the teacher. What are the benefits for you personally?

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to organise

At Spark Spanish we can help customise your trip to Andalusia to the specific requirements of you and your class. From the exact duration of your stay, and the accommodation you’ll stay in, to the classes and the cultural activities your students can take part in, everything can be tailored to your exact desires.

You can relax knowing that students’ safety is our priority

Spark can help organise your trip with zero stress and hassle, with particular focus on risk assessment and a special chaperone being provided for each school group. This way you can rest assured knowing that health and safety is important to us.

You can see that we’ll do a good job

Dozens of schools have visited us over the years and all had a great time. You can read all about their experiences both here and here and see just how much fun a school group can have at Spark!

Your students will always remember it

Ask any adult about their favourite teachers from their school days, and they probably won’t mention the ones who taught predicitable classes week in week out. They’ll remember the teachers who made learning fun and exciting — and how do you make learning Spanish more fun and exciting than doing it in Spain?

You’ll have fun too!

El Puerto de Santa Maria is the perfect spot for anyone who loves sun, surf and sherry. This hidden gem on the south coast of Spain is blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year and is the ideal location for a Spanish holiday as well as a school tour. And you’ll be able to relax knowing your students are having the time of their lives!

Please don’t hesitate to consider our school group tours to Spain. Lessons in our school trips can be catered exactly to your group’s needs. Customise your own tour here.


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