Cultural activities

Besides the city trips and sport activities, Spark also offers cultural activities to include in your Spanish tour. A combination of Spanish classes and cultural activities that are typical Spanish will provide the students with knowledge and experiences! During these cultural activities students will practice Spanish as well.

Sparks offers the following cultural activities.

Letting your student experience another culture will give them the opportunity to practice their Spanish and do activities they will never forget. A great way to do so is by making or tasting the traditional food of Spain, Spark offers Spanish cooking lessons where the kids make paella together with the chaperone. Another way is to include a breakfast/lunch in a city trip and let them taste churros, a typical sweet pastry.

Another great experience is taking the students for a tapas night out, where they can order tapas in Spanish to practice their Spanish as well, this night will be complete with watching a flamenco show!

Because El Puerto is located in the sherry area of Spain, a bodega visit is a typical thing to do when you are in El Puerto. During the bodega visit you will get a tour around the whole building, some explaining about the history of this area of Spain, and of course tasting the sherry!

When you prefer to stay in the residence we can also offer Spanish movie night or a quiz / games night.

Besides these cultural activities the city trips and excursions include many cultural visits as well, for example the El Puerto tour includes a visit to the castle and bullring. These visits will show a lot of the Spanish culture as well.