Getting to Know People in Spanish: Part 5

More Questions for Getting to Know People

One of the most enjoyable things about making trips to other countries is meeting new and interesting people. But what’s the best way of making friends in a foreign country? The same as in your own country — by asking questions! Here are ten more to fuel your future conversations; this week, all focused on preferences.


Do you prefer…?

¿ … el campo o las ciudades?

… the countryside or cities?

¿ … Francia o Italia?

… France or Italy?

¿ … esquiar o tomar el sol?

… skiing or sunbathing?

¿ … los gatos o los perros?

… cats or dogs?

¿ … té o café?

… tea or coffee?

¿ … cerveza o vino?

… beer or wine?

¿ … lo dulce o lo salado?

… sweet things or salty things?

¿ … salir o quedarte en casa?

… going out or staying in?

¿ … el libro o la película?

… the book or the film?

¿ … música pop o música rock?

… pop music or rock?

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