Flamenco show

Many restaurants host flamenco shows during certain times of the year. Flamenco is a deeply passionate style of music and dance which is a cornerstone of Andalusian culture. It has roots in folk music, although the exact origin is disputed – as a tradition which was passed through families, it is difficult to say exactly when or where it came about.

Spark Spanish school tours watch flamenco show

Professional ‘sevillana’ – flamenco dancer

Flamenco performances consist of three elements – singing, dancing, and a Spanish-style guitar accompaniment. All the performers wear traditional Andalusian dress – the type that people might wear to local festivals.

After witnessing this completely absorbing performance you will understand why flamenco is so beloved by the people of Southern Spain and why it has become popular abroad too!

By pairing the show with a tapas meal in a restaurant, teachers and students alike will learn a great deal about the regional culture whilst enjoying a perfect evening’s entertainment!

Flamenco performances are subject to availability depending on the season and specific dates.

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