Harpeth Hall: School Trip to Spain 2013

What an amazing time we have had with the girls from Harpeth Hall School! We have seen and done so many fun activities and excursions in and around El Puerto de Santa Maria, the castles and cathedrals we have seen were amazingly beautiful and we learnt a lot about the history of Spain in them as well! We’ve even learnt a little Spanish too! It’s amazing how only 8 girls can bring so much fun and laughter to Spark! Everyone from me, to Inge, to our English teachers, to the people of El Puerto de Santa Maria have had the pleasure of getting to know these girls, and what fun that hHarpeth Hall School - Sevillaas been!

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From the moment the girls arrived in Spain, they have been immersed into everything amazing about Spanish culture and the Spanish way of life! The girls have had wonderful experiences with their homestay families, for example, Kendal went to Caceres to meet the relatives of her homestay family! This isn’t the only way that our homestay families have shown how Spaniards live. The homestay families of Aidan and Caroline went to Cadiz to see the beginning of Carnival and experience “La Eriza”; one of the most traditional Gaditan celebrations! Our homestay families have been amazing and so welcoming to all the girls, and for that we are truly grateful!School Group - Harpeth School 2013

We at Spark have had the pleasure of integrating these girls into every aspect Spark Languages offer. Lots of the homestay families the girls stayed with have sons or daughters who actually study English at Spark, so not only have the girls been able to learn Spanish, but they’ve also been able to help our English students with their English and practice their Spanish at the same time!

It has been lots of fun leading these girls and I look forward to events to come!


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