Why Students Should Go on a School Tour to Spain

Five Reasons to Make a School Trip This Year!

What can students studying Spanish get out of a school tour to Spain? Should you as a teacher think about taking your students abroad? Here are the top five reasons why young people can benefit enormously from such an opportunity.

They’ll learn a lot of Spanish

There is no way to learn a language more quickly and efficiently than full emersion. At Spark, classes are taught using full immersion practice and English is only spoken as a last resort! This effective system will have your students progressing and learning far more than can be gained from textbooks.

They’ll enjoy a holiday as well as learning

With 300 days of sunshine a year and five pristine beaches, El Puerto de Santa Maria is the perfect place for a holiday, although it’s little-known outside of Spain itself. And with Spark offering a range of exciting activities outside of studying hours, such as flamenco dancing and tapas nights, there’ll be plenty going on to entertain your students.

They’ll gain social opportunities

In class, during cultural activities outside of the classroom, and in their free time in the beach, your students will be spending more time together than usual and building stronger friendships together.

They’ll see the world

Travelling to another country is one of the best ways to change up the way one thinks. The chance to visit new places, encounter different cultures and sample foreign cuisine is exciting enough for an adult, but can be an even more formative experience for young people.  And even more importantly…

They’ll learn more than just Spanish

We’re living in a period of enormous change in Europe, and there has perhaps never been a better time to educate young people about the role they play in today’s international society by letting them take part in that society.

By enabling students to meet, live with and learn from people from other countries, you as a teacher can help the Britain of tomorrow be more accepting than the Britain of today. And isn’t the most important thing you can teach?

Please don’t hesitate to consider our school group tours to Spain. Lessons in our school trips can be catered exactly to your group’s needs. Customise your own tour here.



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