Channing 4 School trip to Spain

School Trip to Spain: Andalusia and El Puerto de Santa Maria
Channing School November 2017

Channing school took a school trip to El Puerto de Santa María in November and was welcomed in our beautiful Spark residence where they also took Spanish classes to practice their skills. During their visit, Channing school had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Spain through cultural activities, food and trips around Andalucia.

During their visit, students had the opportunity to interact with the locals and practice the language while the explored the beauty of Spain. They had a tour around the local area and enjoyed the sights and beaches of El Puerto. The group also visited Seville and visited some of the most famous sights while also spend a day in the coastal city of Cadiz where they travelled by ferry. Also, the students took paella classes and flamenco classes in order to take a taste of the Spanish culture.

It was a pleasure having Channing school with us and we hope all students and teachers had an unforgettable experience!

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