St Stephens I School trip to Spain 2022

School Trip to Spain: Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria.

St Stephens – May 2022

In May it was the sixth time we welcomed St Stephens at Spark and show them El Puerto de Santa María. Spark made sure that everyone had a memorable experience! The group stayed with us in our wonderful  Spark Residence where they took part in our Spanish classes and learned about the Spanish culture through the many cultural activities that the Spark team had organized. 

On Tuesday they started with a tour around El Puerto de Santa Maria, where they went to the market and saw the Castillo. When they arrived back at Spark typical Spanish activities were waiting for them. They got a flamenco lesson on our rooftop and made paella.

The next day they went to Cadiz, visited Torre Tavira, and enjoyed some churros con chocolate. 

On their last day, Spark showed them all pictures taken and gave them their Spanish certificate.

As always we had a very nice time with St Stephens and we hope that all the students and teachers made some incredible memories that they take back home with them.

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