Cadiz, the City next door

El Puerto’s Neighbour

No matter how long the trip, anyone coming to Spark on a school trip simply has to visit Cádiz. This beautiful city, located just across Cádiz Bay from El Puerto, is easy to reach and impossible to forget.

There are regular ferries from El Puerto to Cádiz, and you can also go via bus or car. Both journeys offer spectacular views of the sea and the shores of the Bay, and once you’ve arrived in Cádiz itself, you’ll find more to do than can fit in a day. 

The Cathedral 

The city’s most impressive building (pictured above), this awe-inspiring cathedral took 116 years to build and so is a real mixture of architecture styles — Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical. Don’t miss a trip up the bell tower, which is usually open to the public, and to the tomb of Manuel de Falla, the famous Spanish composer, down in the crypt.

The Botanical Gardens 

The gardens are a bit of a walk away from the town centre, but they’re worth going to see. With over 100 different varieties of plant and some stunning views of the sea, they’re a quiet place to relax on a sunny day.

The beaches

As Cadiz is built onto a peninsula, it has several beaches on different sides of the town. Depending on which side you’re on, you can either swim in the Bay or the Atlantic Ocean itself, or you can simply amble up and down and enjoy the sea breeze and the sun on the water.

The Gran Teatro Falla

This magnificent theatre is over 140 years old and is still in regular use. Even if you don’t actually see a play there, it’s worth visiting just to see the building itself, which is built of red bricks and fronted with three enormous iron arches.

And the town is so full of life that you don’t even need to visit a major tourist attraction if you don’t want to — it’s just as much fun to stroll around the town and soak up the atmosphere. Go out for tapas, or if you’re not that hungry, try churros con chocolate at a café, or even some Spanish cakes at a local bakery.

So don’t miss a trip to Cadiz when you’re in El Puerto!

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