Spanish Tapas: some highlights

Tapas in Andalusia!

If you’re on a school trip to Spain and only in the country for a short time, you’ll want to make the most of it. One of the best cultural activities on a school trip is going out for tapas and tucking into some authentic Spanish food.

Andalusia, the region of Spain where Spark is located, has been conquered and ruled by many people over the centuries, from Romans to Moors, which has had a great influence over the cuisine. This has resulted in Andalusian food being varied and exciting, with plenty of dishes which every traveller should sample.

Gazpacho and salmorejo

Gazpacho is a famous Spanish soup made with tomato, cucumber, bread and garlic, and served chilled. Salmorejo is similar but is thicker with more bread in it, and is usually served with ham and boiled eggs. Both are delicious on a hot day.

Berenjenas con miel

Something else for vegetarians, these are fried aubergines served with a little honey. Sounds odd, but worth trying.


Seafood is a large part of Andalusian dishes, as five of the region’s eight provinces are on the coast. “Puntillitas” are fried baby squid, and extremely popular.


If you’re feeling adventurous, give the “ortiguillas” a go –they’re fried sea anemones!

Pestiños de miel

To finish off you might like to have some “pestiños de miel” for dessert. This little pieces of dough are fried (noticing a slight pattern here?) and dipped in sugar or honey. It’s almost impossible to only have one!


The name comes from the Spanish word “polvo”, meaning powder, as these almond biscuits are extremely crumbly and powdery. Popular all over the Spanish-speaking world, they were invented in Andalusia. They’re often eaten at Christmas, but are available all year round.

¡Que aproveche!

Did you know: we also do tapas tasting as an evening activity in our school tours! We can include this on one of the evenings in the programme, meaning your students will be able to share in this unique Spanish experience! It’s also a great way for students to practice their food vocabulary in context.


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