To do the kayaking activity, the students travel to a beach in Sancti Petri, an old fishing village. This beach is notable for its sand dunes. Whilst one group does the kayaking activity, the other students have fun jumping off the sand dunes!

Kayaking at Sancti Petri Spanish School Tours

Kayaking at Sancti Petri

During the kayaking session, the students will paddle to the Island of Sancti Petri, a small island not far from the coast. Here they can discover the old castle, built on top of a Phonecian temple dedicated to the god Melkart (later known as Hercules). They also get the chance to raceĀ in the kayaks – harder than it looks!

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Did you know? – The towns of San Fernando and Chiclana both claim ownership of Sancti Petri Island, although it is officially owned by San Fernando.

Depending on the total number of students, the duration of the kayaking session will vary, usually each group has a 1 hour session with the entire activity totalling 2 hours.

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