Flamenco Dance Class

The much-loved flamenco style captures the spirit of the southern region of Andalucía and is expressed in three forms: toque (guitar playing), cante (singing) and baile (dancing). To understand the spirit of Andalucía, trying flamenco is a must-have experience.

A professional teacher comes to Spark to teach the students flamenco, usually on the rooftop terrace. This includes a warm-up followed by a break-down of the claps and steps to form the sevillana (flamenco dance). At the end they are able to perform the dance with music. Perhaps they could even give a demonstration to their classmates when they go back to school!

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The lesson lasts an hour and often runs simultaneously with the paella class, so groups take turns to do each activity and experience two aspects of Spanish culture in one afternoon.

Students may also want to try on our traditional flamenco dress and take a twirl!

Also see: Groups can also get inspired by going out one night to watch a real flamenco show!

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