Spanish school tours for an entire year group or otherwise big group can be incredibly fun for the students and their teachers as it provides a unique cultural and linguistic opportunity  Read More

Tapas tasting in El Puerto: our top 5

If you ask us, any visit to Andalucía should absolutely involve a tapas night out. El Puerto is well-known for it amazing food, so a tapas tasting evening is something you really don’t want to miss out on!


More difficult than deciding where to go (there are lots of amazing places pretty much everywhere in town), is actually what to order. Not easy to know, as some bars or restaurants have so many options you could easily go back and try something new for several weeks. Read More

Spanish School Tour Banner

Our wonderful banner for our bespoke schools tours in Spain dedicated to our wonderful partner schools and students. Each one of you has left many lasting memories for us as running school tours, enseñando español and bringing smiles to you many really is our great passion 🙂 . We know we will be seeing most of you again soon!

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