Prairie High: School Trip to Spain

At Spark we were delighted to welcome the Prairie School for a school trip to Spainschool trip to Spain.

¡Hola Chicos! I just want to put some words to this great semana, as we say adios.

We started in tune; learning when to hug and laugh, when to andar casually through beautiful Spanish towns and when to eat más helados.

El jueves, after a brief explanation done by a friend from the Plaza de Toros and completing the first yincana challenge, we headed to the Museo Municipal of El Puerto. Could you please tell me what you saw inside of the museum? The sunny vibrations guided the whole group back outdoors in less than diez minutos and directly to the caballo and carriage in front of the Iglesia Mayor. Then, a spontaneous tejas tasting and a visit to the Castillo de San Marcos were followed by wise palabras: “be good and, if you can’t be good, be careful”. Inspired, we arrived at Da Massimo, our first helados encounter. We juggled along the Paseo Marítimo on our way to the beach, where it was beautiful to see your joyful faces by el océano in those dos horas! Through sunset, we had more fun practicing language activities with Spark’s English academy estudiantes.

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El viernes we found shelter from the storm and the explanation to a very controversial art form in the Maestranza. The sounds of Sevilla changed from a peaceful river, where we had our bocadillos, to the narrow and lively calles; full of color, horns and personajes únicos. Whispering, gathered in our perfectly shaped circles, we visited the Catedral and Giralda. En el patio de los naranjos we respectfully sang together ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘Let It Be’. Magical musical moment! The visits to the Alcazar and Plaza de España tasted like, of course, ¡más helados!

Hopefully, you experienced a culturally different fin de semana with your host family around El Puerto de Santa Maria and are ready to continue on your journey to Barcelona!

Muchas gracias for sharing such a beautiful time! We loved to get to know you and the Prairie High School group. ¡Un gran abrazo!

Nico and the rest of your Spark friends! Nico

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