St Stephen’s School (II) Trip to Spain 2019

We were delighted that another group from St. Stephen´s CE Primary school had a successsful trip in El Puerto. The group alonside the Spark team had a marvellous adventure, visiting various tourist attractions around the local area and enjoying the culture and living like the locals 🙂

St Stephen’s School (I) Trip to Spain 2019

St. Stephen´s Church of Englnad Primary School (I) made a trip to El Puerto de Santa Maria where Spark made their trip an excitng, fun and unforgetable experience! The group got a sense of what it´s like to be part of the Spanish culture through various cultural activities that the Spark team organised for them 🙂

St Stephen’s School Trip to Spain 2018: Trip Two

School Trip to Spain: Andalusia and El Puerto de Santa Maria St Stephen’s School November 2018 St Stephen’s school visited us in El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a and spent a few days with us full of unforgettable experiences. The group… Read More

St Stephen’s CE Primary School Trip to Spain- Oct- Nov 2017

St Stephen’s visited Spain for an amazing exprience of the culture and the language!