Summer Options for Students

At Spark Spanish we have some fantasitic options for school students during the summer. For partner school students (ones who do tours with us) there is even the possibility of students receiving some nice discounts. All of summer programmes we run with the same care, personalization and professional high-standards that we do for our school tours. Please click below on the options that you are interested to know more about.

summer prorgammes.png


Resdential Summer Camp: perfect for 10-15 year old age range with everything included and 24 hour supervision. For younger children, parents may wish to come with them on the family programme and then children attend camp as day campers.


Spanish for Teens: perfect for 16-19 age range. Combine experience with either family stay or residential stay. Superb productive learning holiday with more independence than in Summer Camp programme. Excellent intensive course to help with school exams.

spanish for teens

Family programme: allows parents to study in our adult language academy whilst children attend camp as day campers. Perfect introductory experience for younger campers and great way to combine learning with a family holiday.

Camp + Family Stay (1)


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