Paella class

The most famous dish of all Spanish cuisine, making paella is a fantastic cultural activity to try whilst in Spain, and very popular with our school groups.

Paella clas El Puerto Spanish School Tours

Chopping the pimientos in the paella class

The loveable Iris runs our paella class onsite and will teach the students how to make their very own paella – 100% in Spanish! Not just trying the food, but making it themselves gives the students a memorable and hands-on experience, as well as giving them a new skill to take home with them!

Spanish school tours paella class

Students eating their freshly-prepared paella on the rooftop terrace

The class begins with learning the names of all the paella ingredients. Then they all get stuck in chopping the vegetables and preparing the paella, for the whole group to eat afterwards. Groups can customise their paellas to suit theirĀ dietary requirements – making, for example, one vegetarian paella and one with meat and marisco (seafood).

We often run the paella class simultaneously with theĀ flamenco dance class, so students divide into smaller groups for each activity and rotate.

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