Cross Curricular Activities

Including cross curricular activities in your tour is a great way to combine learning Spanish with other subjects. By doing this students can continue their regular subjects and learn specific Spanish topics, for example history, geography and biology.

El Puerto is located in a rich history area, Spark offers excursions to ‘Baelo Claudia’ and ‘Italica’ , both one of the oldest cities of Europe. During these excursions, the students will learn about the history of this area and the special stories behind it!

The beaches in El Puerto are the perfect location to discover the geography of Spain, a fun afternoon at the beach could be combined with lessons about the wave movements and special details about the sea!

A visit to one of the local farms will be a great way to include a biology lesson in your tour, in this way the students can learn about farm animals and the Spanish nature!

Besides specific subjects we can also organize workshops about topics of your choice, for example about recycling. This will be a great way to teach your students the importance of these topics!