The attractive port city of Cádiz is just next door to El Puerto de Santa María – some say that it’s the oldest city in Europe. It’s famous for its warm and open people, the gaditanos. With plenty to see and do in Cádiz, it can be visited on a half-day trip or equally can be enjoyed for a full day.


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Ferry ride from El Puerto to Cádiz

The quickest way to reach Cádiz? By ferry! Due to the concave coastline between El Puerto de Santa María and Cádiz, the most direct route is through the water! This also means enjoying the fresh air and a view of both ports on the journey.

Students will enjoy the novelty of catching the ferry as an alternative form of transport.

Torre Tavira

A former watchtower, the ‘Torre Tavira’ is now open to visitors and climbing to the terrace at the top puts you in the ideal position to view Cádiz from above. On the level below, the camera obscura periodically projects live, moving images of the city onto a screen so that you can see all 360 degrees of Cádiz.

Did you know? – In the 18th Century, Cádiz had 160 watchtowers! 133 still remain today

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Enjoying churros con chocolate in Cádiz

Enjoying ‘churros con chocolate’ in Cádiz

An indulgent Hispano-portuguese breakfast, churros are shaped from dough which is then fried until slightly crispy. Students may take the opportunity to stop off at one of the ‘churrerías‘ (churro shops) in Cádiz, where the dish will be served with a rich hot chocolate or caramel sauce.


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Hitting the high street in Cádiz

Despite its long history, Cádiz has quite a modern centre, with enough high street shops for an afternoons’ shopping. However, it’s not just clothes – there are also plenty of restaurants (including paella and tapas restaurants), heladerías (ice-cream shops) and churrerías.

The shopping streets form a narrower and more shaded counterpart to the wide open areas and historic buildings near to the port – fans of archictecture and photography will still enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing facades of the buildings in both.


Parque Genovés

Parque Genovés Cádiz.JPG

Friendly dinosaurs in Cádiz’s botanical gardens

This trapezioid Botanical Garden on the boasts an array of exotic species of trees and plants, including palm trees, cypresses and cacti. The waterfall attracts many species of birds and cascades into the manmade lake below, home to the park’s friendly dinosaurs (also manmade). Concealed beneath the lake is a grotto, ready to explore.

The park owes its tranquility to its location on the edge of Cádiz, directly beside the water.

Journey time to Cádiz: Less than 20 mins to walk to the ferry stop, then 30 mins on the ferry.

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Also see: If you’re travelling in February or March, you may be able to witness the famous Carnaval in Cádiz! Check with us to find out when it takes place this year!


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