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Firefly recommended by Spark

From time to time, we at Spark like to recommend fellow companies who are also focused on the school sector. For this month our focus is on Firefly Learning. Firefly is an online platform that supports day-to-day teaching and learning in schools, by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together.

Firefly saves teachers time, supporting areas such as homework setting, progress tracking and resource sharing. It enables students to learn in a way that suits their own individual learning style, both independently and collaboratively, and enables parents to be involved at every stage of their child’s education.

As such, Firefly is a great way to capture school trips, using the blogging tools to share experiences with parents and peers, or creating e-portfolios to capture what’s been learnt.

Firefly is now used by hundreds of schools, including several SparkSpanish schools – Tudor Hall and British School of Brussels, to name a few. After a recent £4.5 million investment, Firefly continues to grow rapidly in London, Brighton and Sydney. More than 80% of the UK state schools that use Firefly are rated ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by Ofsted, and eight of the top ten independent schools in the UK (Sunday Times) also use it.

Firefly lets teachers focus on what they do best – teaching. If you’re interested in your school’s digital strategy or solutions, why not consider giving Firefly a go for free?

We at Spark Spanish recommend Firefly not just because it is lead player in its field but even more so because like the Spark Team, Firefly takes pride in providing a personalised service and take the time to share the successes of schools that work with them.

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