Sport activities

Besides cultural activities and city trips, Spark also offers sport activities to complete your Spanish tour. A combination of Spanish classes and sports activities will provide the students knowledge and fun! You can include individual sport activities to your tour or choose one of our grouped activities to let the students experience a full day or afternoon of sport fun!

Spark offers the following sport activities.

Water sport activities are the perfect way to have a fun afternoon for the students. El Puerto is a great location for practicing water sports due to all the beaches and the beautiful weather. Student can spend a day or afternoon on the beach and practice kayaking or wind surfing.

Nature sport activities are great if the student want to experience the area they’re staying in and like to do active sports! Spark is offering great cycling and hiking trips in either the natural parks or beautiful area’s around El Puerto.

Besides these special activities that are ideal in El Puerto, Spark also offers sport activities such as playing a football, basketball or rugby game with the local team and practicing paddle or tennis. A special option is to spend an afternoon on the beach and play educational games to combine fun with the material the students learned during Spanish class.